Tuesday, November 28, 2017

OWX Reflection

        The 2017 Online Writing Exchange was really helpful. It made my paragraphs better and made me realize what I needed in them. It helped my sentences flow better. It made my writings better and helped me get a better grade. I really liked it how we met with our mentors face-to-face before they gave us feedback. It helped getting to know my mentor before they gave me feedback on my writing.
        There are a few things that could be improved in the OWX. One thing is that our writing mentors could answer our questions in our authors note. It would help our writing because we want to know if those things are good enough or need improvement. They could also give more comments on the things we did good instead of always criticizing. Us writers should feel confident about our writing and if our mentors did a lot of good comments, it would help us with our confidence level. My mentor did comment on some of the things I did good but maybe could of done more.

Personal Narrative

Make a difference
Last summer in Ferguson, I learned that helping people makes a big difference, even helping out a little bit. Our youth group went to Ferguson, Missouri for a mission trip. That trip taught me a lot of lessons. Our whole youth group had a blast and learned many things.
The first day, we went and helped out at an organization called PAKT. All of us looked a little nervous when we were driving to PAKT. We helped organize the building for a day from around 9 am to 5 pm. PAKT is an organization that gives things like clothes and toys to homeless people. All day we basically organized because the place needed it. “Anything you do helps me out,” said Tony. Tony is the owner and organizer of PAKT. Tony was very nice and had a funny personality.  Ally and I went to the back room and organized a lot. We organized toys, clothes, school supplies, and other things. then we had lunch. All of our youth group sat on the front porch and ate lunch. We just talked until all of us were done eating. We also organized upstairs and just little things here and there.  At the the end of the day, I felt like I didn’t do very much even though I did. Tony thanked us all for coming and helping.
The next day, we went there again but only for half a day. We did a lot of the same things. This day we helped out a lot upstairs, more than the day before. We also carried boxes from downstairs to upstairs. This day was kind of boring but I still had fun. When it was time to leave, we all told Tony goodbye but we were planning on seeing her again. That night we were planning on seeing her at the Rib Fest, a park where there are booths set up and people can buy food. There were booths that were also selling some other materials.
The next place we went to volunteer at is in Saint Louis. Our youth group was told that we were going to help out at an organic farm, but we didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew that we were going to work outside. We get there, and this guy named Cole welcomes us. We all feel very welcomed. We got there and we go to this place where there is about four picnic tables. He showed us around the organic farm, and it was like a huge garden. He told us what we are going to have to do and we start walking to where we need to go and we about get there and we get little shovels. We walk over and start transplanting plants. They were set out for us, all we needed to do was put them in the ground. We had to plant almost 30 plants. We get done with that and he showed us what to do next. He gives us tools called a hula ho and a wire weeder. A hula ho is also called a stirrup ho because it looks like a stirrup on a saddle but metal. A wire weeder is a small version that you can hold in your hand with a single wire that is made for taking weeds out close to the plants stem. These tools are made for taking weeds out. You move these back and forth along the ground and it takes the weeds out.  He showed us what to do with it and how we need to do it. It took us probably around an hour and a half to finish because we had to do two long rows. We got done with that and it’s time to go. They have a basket sitting on the picnic table of some vegetables they had picked and we could try. They let us all have some and we stayed and talked for about fifteen minutes. Cole thanked us very much and he greatly appreciated what we did.

Now, about five months later, I still remember how I made a difference. Both places we went was very thankful for us and that we helped a lot. I learned that when I help out and I feel like I didn’t do anything, I made a difference. After this experience, I’ve realized that so many more people need help but just aren’t getting it, which is very sad. Throughout this fun trip, some of the lessons it taught me is that helping other people out can make a big difference.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Descriptive Essay

My Mom
My mom is a person that is always willing to help. She is a very positive person. She always tells me, “Focus on the positives, not the negatives.” Sometimes she says it in a mad voice and sometimes it is in a happy voice. She is a very helpful person. A human being that is a very caring person. My mom is very influential.
My mom has blonde/light brown hair. She also has pretty blue eyes. Her teeth perfectly straight and white as pearls. A fit body and muscular legs. A person that has a passion for running. She doesn’t run fast nor slow. Her height is about 5’6”. She smells as good as when you walk into bath and body works. Most of the time my mom asks if someone needs help because she is willing to help out.
            “Focus on the positives, not the negatives.” A quote my mom always says, which is good advice. In other words, it means that you should focus on the good things that happen and not the bad. Whenever I hear or think that quote, I think about my mom. My mom is always willing to help out whether it is giving someone a ride home or helping out with buying something. If she sees someone she knows walking home from school or an activity, she asks them if they need a ride home. She is in a good mood most of the time. She is not selfish and very caring.
            One day, I was complaining on how my mom put my pants in the wrong drawer. No, my mom doesn’t put my clothes away, but she did this time. So I went to her and complained. She got mad and she was like, “Just because I did it this one time, doesn’t mean you have to get all mad at me.” So then I was like,” Sorry.” Then of course she said, “Zelie, sometimes you just need to focus on the positive things that happen and not the negative things.” She said it kind of madly. I then learned my lesson.

            My mom has made a positive influence on my life. She has taught me to help others out, not be selfish and to focus on the good things that happen. She has a good and funny personality. My mom Is as busy as a bee, but she finds room to help people out. She cares about every person she gets to know. My mom is a very influential person.

Friday, September 29, 2017

UNL Writing Exchange

Nebraska Football
The smell of fresh grass
the goalpost creaking,
the bright sun shining down,
the cool breeze,
a 90-degree day in Lincoln.
A hot, hot day.
Sweat dripping down the face,
can’t be beat
won’t be beat
Nebraska Football.

as fast as I can.
hard work
pays off.

Nebraska Football